Warehouse Management System


We blend the manual process
into automated process

We Make It As A Real Time Report

The tracking of goods coming in, would be recorded in the goods received note and the goods which is being taken out the delivery order would be generated together with the forklift note for them to deliver the goods out from the warehouse.


Easy Extract Reports

Stock Control will be updated in real time process and reports can be extracted out in pdf or excel according to the dates chosen. You can also customized the report with our general report feature, whereby the fields can be selected and generated as reports.


Consult with us on enhancing your warehouse process

A warehouse management system can reduce the likelihood of errors that could occur when a product is shipped. The system can also help a company fulfill orders more rapidly and instantaneously trace ordered products within the warehouse.

Our system is cloud based warehouse management system, whereby you can access it wherever you are and monitor your business from anywhere.


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