The nature of our business is to provide Information Technology to professional and corporate companies such as SME’s and MNC’s.

Tamarix Onesolutions Sdn Bhd provides a huge range of services such as web designing, application development, human resources management portal services, education management solutions, customer relationship solutions, mobile application development, virtual tour, green cloud and carbon management. We provide all these services so that our clients can be exposed and diversified with more knowledge and skills as these services will be an added advantage to them. It carries out the businesses of providing computer application and programming services and operations.

In line with these services our company also provides other business services such as Marketing and advertising skills. We also provide sales & marketing, quoting and taking orders from management. We provide accounts receivable, invoices and also do collections for companies and the ad hocs. We provide customer record management services which most of the corporate companies engages with.

Last but not least our additional business engagement is general trading which involves softwares and hardwares, where our business aspects are multitasked into various segments. We are diversifying our business growth so that we can cater to the requirements of different clients.