Employee ManagementOrganise and manage your Employee Details effectively

Manage your employees anytime anywhere, make it simple.

Imagine having all information of who you work with neatly organised all in one place. Easily accessible all the time through a single screen. Manage it with ease at your own convenience.

If your employees have access to Mobile Device, invest in a web-based system to get tasks done smoothly and efficiently.

Equip Yourself

Manage your people on the go. Make things easy.Customizable according to your needs.

Salary and Slip

Salary, taxes and work hours. Calculations made easy. Viewing made simple in Payslips.

Scheduling Attendance

Create work schedules? Easy. Planning Leaves? Easier. Planning has never been simpler.

Go Paperless

Save on printing and filing. Go green and reduce costs while helping save the environment.